Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cairns Wildlife safari hippo set to fly

Cairns Wildlife Safari is sending a male pigmy hippo to a Melbourne Zoo in an effort to breed the endangered animals. Only 3000 Pigmy hippos remain in the world so the effort is vital to conservation of the unusual animals.  If you haven't checked out Cairns Wildlife Safari you really should, its a fantastic facility which present animals in very nature-like habitats.  The pigmy hippo enclosure is one of the best.

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Dallas McMillan
Cairns Veterinary Clinic 

Cairns Wildlife news: Felix the pygmy hippopotamus faces giant task

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Felix the pygmy hippo

Felix, a three-year-old pygmy hippo, is off to Melbourne to take part in a breeding program. Carer : Harley Everson. Picture: Michael Watt Source: Herald Sun

A RARE young pygmy hippopotamus is making its way to the Melbourne Zoo to take part in an endangered species breeding program.


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