Friday, August 26, 2011

Pet Supplies from Cairns Vet Clinic

Cairns Vet Clinics Manoora, Aeroglen and Gordonvale Branches all carry a great range of Pet Supplies for dogs, cats, birds & other pets (and even wildlife). Anything we don’t stock we can order in, including bulk products and unusual pet supplies. Did you know we even supply fish farms and breeders with some products they just can’t source elsewhere?

Pet supplies for dogs and cats from Cairns Vet Clinics

Of course, we stock all the common pet supplies you’d expect to find at a quality vet or pet shop such as pet food, flea treatment, tick products, heartworm preventatives and worm tablets. We also do Annual Heartworm Injections which are a great way to make sure you remember to protect your pet against heartworm.

Cairns Pet Supplies: Aeroglen Vet Clinic

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