Monday, October 3, 2011

What price fashion? Animals skinned alive to produce Fashion footwear sold in Australian stores

Animals skinned alive to produce fur lined boots sold in Australian stores

Fur from raccoon dogs, a carnivore farmed in China, is being used in ugg-style boots sold in Australian stores. The boots, which are made of sheepskin (and thus have wool inside) are lined with the soft fur.
The price of fashion? Fur farm animals in china are treated very poorly through their life but their deaths are truly dreadful: they are “stunned” by a blow to the head which seems pretty ineffective: the animals are kicking and wriggling as they are hung up and skinned, and are clearly alive and able to lift their heads and struggle AFTER they have been skinned and thrown onto the ground. Horrible.

Caution: Video may offend – I couldn’t watch it all.

Horrific cruelty in Chinese fur farms: Raccoon dogs skinned alive

Read more at about the cruel fur trade of raccoon dogs at  (excerpt below)


Many clothing manufacturers are turning to the raccoon dog as a source of cheap fur after the Australian Government banned the import of dog and cat fur from China. Picture: Courtesy of Flickr

109142 news Fashionably Cruel: animals skinned alive to produce ugg boot (Graphic warning)

Some Australian ugg boots contain raccoon fur according to the Humane Society International. Picture: supplied

SOME Australian ugg boot makers are using pelts from animals skinned alive in China for the footwear and labelling it as wool and other materials, according to an animal rights group.

Investigators from The Humane Society International have today revealed the results of tests on a range of clothing including a brand of the iconic Aussie ugg boot and claim many samples contain the fur of raccoon dogs.

Raccoon dog fur is mainly farmed in China where the animals are kept in unbelievably cruel conditions before being beaten and then skinned alive.

The raccoon dog is indigenous to east Asia and is closely related to carnivorous and omnivorous mammals which includes wolves, foxes, jackals, coyotes, and domestic dogs.

104051 news Fashionably Cruel: animals skinned alive to produce ugg boot (Graphic warning)

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