Friday, August 26, 2011

Pet Supplies from Cairns Vet Clinic

Cairns Vet Clinics Manoora, Aeroglen and Gordonvale Branches all carry a great range of Pet Supplies for dogs, cats, birds & other pets (and even wildlife). Anything we don’t stock we can order in, including bulk products and unusual pet supplies. Did you know we even supply fish farms and breeders with some products they just can’t source elsewhere?

Pet supplies for dogs and cats from Cairns Vet Clinics

Of course, we stock all the common pet supplies you’d expect to find at a quality vet or pet shop such as pet food, flea treatment, tick products, heartworm preventatives and worm tablets. We also do Annual Heartworm Injections which are a great way to make sure you remember to protect your pet against heartworm.

Cairns Pet Supplies: Aeroglen Vet Clinic

Thursday, August 25, 2011

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Cairns Vet Clinic invites Cairns pet owners to enter their cutest pet photos to our “Face of Cairns Vet” competition.  The winning pet will receive great prizes including a year’s worth of Free Pet Supplies, pet food, vaccination and grooming for their pet.

Entries close on 30 September.  The winner will be selected by your votes, so even if you don’t enter you can help us choose a winner.  Voting starts 1 October and goes till the 15th October.  The winner will be used for our promotional photos like yellow pages and brochures.  Photos should be high quality, have a clear view of the pets face, preferably with a contrasting bacground.

To enter your pet they must be on our computer system as a client (sorry people in other countries!)

For more information visit “Face of Cairns Vet Clinic” or drop into one of our clinics.

Example of prizes, pet supplies etc.

2010 1st Finn Cropped Version 239x300 Win free Pet Supplies for a year for Cairns pets

2010 1st Finn "Face of Cairns Vet"

The prize will include pet supplies covering preventative health care including flea, tick, worm and heartworm prevention.    We tailor this to your pet’s needs, and what you have used in the past, so for example for a dog it might include:

  • Drontal worm tablets,
  • Proheart Injection
  • Advantix Flea & Tick Treatment
  • Hills Science Diet

We’ve got a great range of quality pet supplies and our staff can give you the best advice on what your pet needs.

For more information on pet supplies and health care call Cairns Vet Clinic on 40329999

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Does your pet need a visit to the groomers?

Cairns Vet Clinic does a lot of  cat and dog grooming, clipping and bathing, and one thing we find very surprising is just how matted and dirty some of the pets that come to us are. 

Matted, knotted coats = difficult (even painful) to groom, often requiring sedation

If you let your dog or cat’s coat get matted, knotted, dirty, or even worse have skin disease under the aforementioned matts, knots and dirt this makes clipping them very difficult and painful.Cairns Dog Groomer Cairns Vet 300x165 How to know when your pet needs a visit to the groomers

In most cases matted coats will need to be clipped off at skin level because the clipper’s can’t move through the matts.

Check long coated pets daily and take to the cat or dog groomer BEFORE they get matted

If you have a long coated pet, you really need to check it and brush it daily (weekly at a minimum) to avoid the coat turning into dreadlocks and matts.  If your pet gets wet or dirty it makes it even more important to brush and clean them regularly.

Have you checked your pet’s skin and coat recently.  Is it time for a trip to the dog groomer or cat clipper?

Don’t leave it too long: matted hair can result in hidden skin disease and discomfort, as well as being unsightly (check out this matted Shih-Tzu visiting the dog groomer for some urgent de-dreadlocking in the video below)

Matted Shih-tzu visits the dog groomer to remove 4kg of dreadlocks


For more info on Cairns cat & dog grooming and clipping please phone Cairns Vet Clinic on 07 40329999

Win a year's supply of pet health care with Cairns Vet Clinic

Cairns Vet Clinic invites you to submit your pet's photos for our annual "Face of Cairns Vet Clinic" Competition.
Simply send us a great portrait of your pet and our clients will vote on the most appealing pet to be our model for our 2012 advertising and yellow pages. 
The winning pet will be crowned "Face of Cairns Vet" and wins a years worth of pet food & pet supplies supplies and preventative health care including Hill's Food, Flea, Tick, Worm & Heartworm prevention & annual vaccination.
For more information visit Face of Cairns Vet or phone 07 40329999
Entries close 30 september
Voting starts 30 october to 15 october
We will announce the winner on 16 october.
So enter your pet NOW!
Read Cairns Vet pet advice and Pet news on the web.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Cairns Vet seeks attractive pet for year long promotional relationship.

Every year Cairns Vet Clinic runs a competition to find a face for our marketing like your Yellow Pages and Brochures: we decide the winner by public vote, and it always attracts heaps of great entries and hundreds of votes.
Enter your pet at our website: Face of Cairns Vet
Check out some of our past entrants (from last years competition for 2011 marketing):
Read Cairns Vet pet advice and Pet news on the web.