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Cairns Pet Friendly Accomodation

Cairns Pet Friendly accommodation

Cairns has a wide range of pet friendly accommodation, including hotels, motels, apartments and caravan parks.
There are some useful online directories of Pet Friendly accommodation, so try a search for what you want.
Many people enjoy traveling with their pet in a car, motorhome or caravan, and most caravan parks will take pets, but make sure you call ahead to confirm this and make sure there is space.

Taking your pet on holidays and finding Pet Friendly accommodation is good fun but things can go wrong: read some tips to have a great trip with your pet at: Taking your pet on holidays

Much of this comes down to common sense, but in the rush to get away its easy to forget important things like flea, tick, heartworm and worm products for your pet, leads, collars, shampoos etc.  Sometimes you can do things differently to make life easy: You might find it easier to take your dog to a groomer rather than washing them yourself while on holidays, for example.

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Cairns Veterinary Clinic

Check out Cairns unlimited for Cairns Pet Friendly accommodation at:
Excerpt below:


Always wished you could take a trip to the tropical paradise of North Queensland, but didn't want to leave your pampered pooch or favourite feline home alone? Well, who said you can't take it (sorry, him or her) along for the fun! While not every accommodation house welcomes pets, we've scoured Cairns and the cities and towns in the region to bring you enough pet-friendly accommodation options to ensure that you and your whole family love every minute you spend in Far North Queensland. Now... go fetch!


Taking your pet on holidays (to Cairns!)

Cairns Vet Clinic sees lots of clients travelling with their pets.  Travelling with your pet can be very rewarding but takes planning and organisation to make sure it goes well.
There are an increasing number of pet friendly hotels and caravan parks.
Some of the things to consider when travelling with your pet:

Cairns Vet Clinic pet travel tips

  • Make sure your pet is microchipped and tagged.  If you lose your pet at home, a neighbor might return it: no such luck when you are travelling.
  • Make sure your pet is up to date with preventative care: you don't want your dog getting sick while you are away: have your vet check them including their teeth, skin, ears, eyes and heart before you go
  • Keep your pet's vaccines up to date: you never know when you may need to board your pet unexpectedly, especially if you can't find pet-friendly accommodation
  • Use effective parasite control: don't share your holiday with unwanted travelers like fleas and worms!
  • Check if there are special parasite control measures for the area you visit: eg Hydatids is a problem in Southern parts of Australia, Tick Paralysis on the Eastern coast
  • Be aware of local seasonal issues (eg Tick paralysis season in Cairns is from June to December: very different to other southern QLD and NSW)
  • Talk to locals about good and safe places to exercise your pet, and any local hazards
  • Be responsible: don't let your pet wander around: they may cause mischief, be lost or injured
  • Plan your itinerary with your pet in mind: accommodation can sometimes be difficult to find unless you book ahead
  • If your pet freaks out in the car, consider sedating them (or not taking them)
  • Sedation is not recommended for pet plane travel as it may increase the risk of death during transit.  It may be needed for animals which truly panic while travelling if they are otherwise fit and well.  Talk to your vet.
Dallas McMillan

Check out this great podcast from ABC radio addressing some of the common issues facing pet owners when they take their pets on holidays.

Taking your pet on holidays

21 April 2011 , 4:54 PM by Jessica Hinchliffe

Pets can become a much-loved family member and leaving them at home while you're on holidays can be a stressful experience for both you and the animal.

A solution to leaving behind a loved pet is to a plan a pet-friendly trip.

Dr Tony Thelander, QLD Division President of the Australian Veterinary Association has tips on taking your beloved pet with you.

Hear the podcast at:

Cairns bird poisoning fears

Authorities are concerned birds found dead or dying on the Cairns Esplanade may have been poisoned and they have been taken to a vet.
The protected species, Peaceful doves are small gentle birds and its hard to see why anyone would poison them.
Dallas McMillan
Cairns Vet Clinic

Cairns Bird Poisoning:

Read more about Cairns bird poisoning at

Cairns Birds

Sick: The discovery of dead and dying birds along the Esplanade has sparked fears someone is deliberately baiting wildlife. Picture: MARC McCORMACK

Poison feared in park along Esplanade

Laura Packham

Thursday, April 28, 2011

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ENVIRONMENTAL officers are seeking answers to the deaths of a number of birds along the Cairns Esplanade, with some residents fearing they are being deliberately poisoned.

The Department of Environment and Resource Management have called for more information about the dead birds, mainly peaceful doves.

Cairns resident Linda Schipke said more than a dozen had been found dead in one week recently, and claimed someone  in the area was deliberately baiting the birds.

Cairns Wildlife safari hippo set to fly

Cairns Wildlife Safari is sending a male pigmy hippo to a Melbourne Zoo in an effort to breed the endangered animals. Only 3000 Pigmy hippos remain in the world so the effort is vital to conservation of the unusual animals.  If you haven't checked out Cairns Wildlife Safari you really should, its a fantastic facility which present animals in very nature-like habitats.  The pigmy hippo enclosure is one of the best.

Read more about Cairns Wildlife and Cairns Pets at Cairns Vet Clinic

Dallas McMillan
Cairns Veterinary Clinic 

Cairns Wildlife news: Felix the pygmy hippopotamus faces giant task

Read the cairns wildlife story at

Felix the pygmy hippo

Felix, a three-year-old pygmy hippo, is off to Melbourne to take part in a breeding program. Carer : Harley Everson. Picture: Michael Watt Source: Herald Sun

A RARE young pygmy hippopotamus is making its way to the Melbourne Zoo to take part in an endangered species breeding program.


Desexing your pet

Desexing benefits from Cairns Vet Clinic

Desexing your pet has heaps of benefits, especially if performed before 6 months of age. Desexed pets are often happer and easier to care for, as they don't have sexual drive and functions which can detract from the joys they give us.  Unless you plan to breed your pet (and you need good reasons to do this... a whole other story) then Cairns Vet Clinic suggests desexing dogs and cats by 6 months of age.  Desexing at this time avoids your pet developing unwanted sexual behavior, mating and pregnancy, and dramatically reduces the incidense or mammary cancer. 

Added benefits of desexing your pet include:

  • cheaper registration with your local council
  • less wandering, and thus fewer fights and motor vehicle accidents, 
  • reduced territorial aggression, and dominance based behavioral problems
  • Less urine marking, inappropriate and embarrassing sexual behaviour, howling and yowling etc.

For more details about Desexing and microchipping your pet contact Cairns Vet Clinic on 07 40329999

Dallas McMillan
Cairns Vet Clinic


For more information on desexing your pet, check out this useful website from "The Vets"

I really like this site because it makes it clear that desexing is a major surgical procedure (especially for large dogs or animals which have had a litter or are on heat) and talks about some of the things we do to ensure your pet's safety before and during anaesthesia.

Excerpt below:

Desexing Your Family Pet - What you Need to Know

Desexing is a very significant surgical procedure that requires high levels of skill and should incorporate high quality care. Indeed for many animals that live a healthy and uneventful life desexing will be their most significant surgical procedure. For these reasons we feel there is certain information which pet owners should be aware of when their pet is desexed.

Please take a few minutes to read through this very important information. If you have any additional questions please let us know. We are here to help you learn more about how to care for your pet and give you an understanding about what our role is in providing that care. We are confident that what we do really makes a difference for your pet and yourself. If you haven't been on a clinic tour to see our facilities then please let us know.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Paralysis tick season approaching in Cairns

In Cairns the paralysis tick season corresponds to our dry season, roughly June-December.  This is different from Southern Queensland and NSW when the local season may instead occur during the warmest months of the year. 

In Cairns, it seems paralysis ticks don't like too much rain (though a small amount of rain will often trigger a tick surge.  For example in 2010 our dry season was very wet and we saw lower numbers of cases of tick paralysis than normal.

Yesterday Cairns Vet Clinic treated two animals with tick paralysis : This isn't the true tick season but we will start to see more ticks around as the rain goes away.  It is common to see ticks after a week of dry weather.  A shower or two seems to trigger tick hatching or maturation so commonly precedes a surge in tick paralysis cases.

The Cairns paralysis tick season is approaching.  Be prepared and start searching your pet for paralysis ticks daily and use a preventative.

How to prevent tick paralysis in your pet during Cairns paralysis tick season

  • Search Your pet daily for tick: essential if your pet is in tick environment
  • Avoid tick habitat: long grass, scrub and areas frequented by wildlife
  • Prevent wildlife like bandicoots entering your pet's environment
  • Use a spot-on insecticide like Advantix for dogs or Frontline for cats every 2 weeks during paralysis tick season
  • If you find a tick, kill and remove it from your pet.
  • If your pet is showing any symptoms of tick paralysis take them straight to the vet: early treatment is lifesaving

For more information about Paralysis ticks check out wikipedia.

Dallas McMillan

Cairns Veterinary Clinic



Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cairns Pet Supplies for tropical parasites


Cairns Pet supplies from the Cairns Pet experts

Cairns Pets have special parasite control and grooming needs?

Cairns Pets need much more attention to effective parasite control than most Australian pets.
Cairns Vet Clinic carries a wide range of Pet supplies for your pet, including worm and flea treatment for the tropics that really work. 
Did you know that most Cairns cats carry tapeworm they catch from eating geckos?  Not only can these disgusting worms reach over 1 metre long and make the cat sick, they can spread to frogs and other creatures and are a major cause of frog disease.  The wormers many people buy from supermarkets just don't touch these worms, so don't waste your money!  Get your Cairns Pet supplies from someone who can advise you on the best products!

We also carry a full range of Hill's Prescription diets and Hill's Science diets: Read more about Cairns Pet food
Read more about Cairns Pet Supplies

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Cairns Pet News


Monday, April 18, 2011

Cairns Cat Grooming

Cairns Cat Grooming: Cairns Cats often need grooming to keep them cool, clean and comfortable in our harsh tropical climate.  We recommend clipping long haired cats 3-5 times a year to keep their coat managable and easy to manage.

Cairns Cat Grooming benefits

The benefits of keeping your Cat Clipped in Cairns are:
Short coat means less shedding
less hair ingestion by the cat
Less digestive problems like hairballs or diarrhoea
Less skin disease
Any skin problems or fleas are easy for you to see
Scurf, dandruff and loose hair are not allowed to accumulate

For more information on Cairns Cat Grooming visit Cairns Vet Clinic, Pet Grooming

Dallas McMillan


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cairns dog grooming

Dog grooming at Cairns Vet Clinic

Cairns Vet Clinic are the experts in grooming dogs for the Cairns

climate. Many Cairns pets suffer from skin disease, heat rash,

scurfy skin and matted or rough coats. Most of these problems can be

greatly improved by regular grooming and parasite control. Our

tropical climate means that any skin disease, minor injuries,

irritation or parasites can rapidly lead to complications like hot

spots and yeasty smelly skin.

The first step in assesing these skin problems is getting long hair

off, especially if the coat is thick, matted or there is any dandruff

or scurf in the coat.

Cairns Dog Grooming procedure

When you bring your dog to be groomed by Cairns Vet Clinic you will

meet with a vet nurse who will go through the grooming plan with you:

we customise the clip to suit you and your pets needs.

Many people opt for a short coat all over except for the head, feet and

tail. We can clip the coat very short (even down to the skin....

sometimes this is important if your dog has skin disease) or up to a

cm long.

Please note re: Cairns Dog grooming with long or matted coats:

though that if the coat is dirty, matted, very fine or dense then it

will need to be clipped shorter than normal as the clipper blades

won't go through the coat higher up, they will jam, leading to an

uneven clip which takes a long time (and thus costs more).

Dogs coats grow back very fast, so its better to cut short and have a

funny looking pooch for a week than try to do it too long and have an

uneven clip which needs to be repeated.

One of the great benefits of having your dog groomed by a vet clinic

is that the vet can check any skin problems and contact you if they

need further investigation. Ear problems are also commonly discovered

during routine grooming, and are a common problem in Cairns Dogs.

Phone Cairns Vet Clinic for Cairns Dog Grooming on 40329999

Read more about Cairns Dog Grooming at Cairns Vet Clinic.

Dallas McMillan

Cairns Veterinary Clinic

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cairns Pet owners: Update your microchip details if you've moved, or get Microchip discount in April

Cairns Vet Clinic is offering cheap microchipping in April with vaccination or desexing, save over $20.
If your pet was born after October 2010 it is required by law to be microchipped.  Also, if a dog or cat is sold or transferred it needs to be microchipped.

Make sure if your pet is microchipped that your address and phone details are up to date.  We sometimes get stray animals with microchipped but still can't reach the owner.
Read more on about microchipping your pet and our microchipping discount for April.

Cairns Vet Clinic uses the National Pet Registry: You can search their database here:

National Pet Register

The National Pet Register provides an Australia-wide pet identification and recovery service. The National Pet Register aims to reduce the number of lost and stray dogs, cats and other animals by issuing free individually numbered ID tags and recording microchip numbers on our national database.

If you would like to find out if your pet microchip number is on our database, please enter the microchip number below:

Microchip Number:

If your microchip is not on the National Pet Register, you can still arrange for your pet to be added to our system. Many clients prefer this, even if they have a pre-existing microchip on another system. This must be done by one of our authorised veterinary clinics, click here to locate your nearest microchip centre where this can be done.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cairns Council Impounded animals: wishing they had a microchip!

Check out this list below of pets currently impounded by Cairns Regional Council animal control officers.  Most of these pet's owners are probably looking for them now: it would be much easier if they had a microchip and an ID tag.  Don't let your pet end up lost and unidentifiable.
Throughout April we are offering discount microchipping at only $30 with either desexing or vaccination, or alternatively a free ID charm with microchipping: read the promotion.  Please phone for an appointment today on 4032 9999 or visit our website : Cairns Veterinary Clinic 
309910.JPG Date Impounded: Time Impounded:
31/03/2011 03:40 pm
Location Found:
Description of Animal:
White Kelpie tan patch female
Contact: 4044 3044 and quote CCC ID No. 309910
309912.JPG Date Impounded: Time Impounded:
31/03/2011 03:44 pm
Location Found:
Description of Animal:
Domestic shorthaired ginger cat
Contact: 4044 3044 and quote CCC ID No. 309912
309919.JPG Date Impounded: Time Impounded:
1/04/2011 11:05 am
Location Found:
Description of Animal:
male Ginger Cat with collar and bell
Contact: 4044 3044 and quote CCC ID No. 309919
309926.JPG Date Impounded: Time Impounded:
3/04/2011 12:10 pm
Location Found:
Description of Animal:
Black Male cat
Contact: 4044 3044 and quote CCC ID No. 309926
309931.JPG Date Impounded: Time Impounded:
4/04/2011 01:00 pm
Location Found:
Description of Animal:
Cattle Dog, Tan, Female
Contact: 4044 3044 and quote CCC ID No. 309931
308936.JPG Date Impounded: Time Impounded:
4/04/2011 02:12 pm
Location Found:
Description of Animal:
Cat domestic short hair in good condition found in Reef Street Port Douglas
Contact: 4044 3044 and quote CCC ID No. 308936
309940.JPG Date Impounded: Time Impounded:
5/04/2011 03:00 pm
Location Found:
Description of Animal:
Cat, Grey Tabby
Contact: 4044 3044 and quote CCC ID No. 309940
309937.JPG Date Impounded: Time Impounded:
5/04/2011 10:30 am
Location Found:
Description of Animal:
Staghound Cross, Female, Tan, Choker Chain
Contact: 4044 3044 and quote CCC ID No. 309937
309939.JPG Date Impounded: Time Impounded:
5/04/2011 11:00 am
Location Found:
Description of Animal:
Cat, Male, Grey Point
Contact: 4044 3044 and quote CCC ID No. 309939
309938.JPG Date Impounded: Time Impounded:
5/04/2011 11:30 am
Location Found:
Glen Boughton ST AEROGLEN
Description of Animal:
Shepherd Cross, Male, Sable
Contact: 4044 3044 and quote CCC ID No. 309938
309934.JPG Date Impounded: Time Impounded:
5/04/2011 12:00 pm
Location Found:
Description of Animal:
Female Tabby Domestic Cat
Contact: 4044 3044 and quote CCC ID No. 309934
309945.JPG Date Impounded: Time Impounded:
6/04/2011 01:12 pm
Location Found:
Description of Animal:
male entire Staffy, Tan
Contact: 4044 3044 and quote CCC ID No. 309945
309946.JPG Date Impounded: Time Impounded:
6/04/2011 01:18 pm
Location Found:
Description of Animal:
Female Chihihua, Tan
Contact: 4044 3044 and quote CCC ID No. 309946
309951.JPG Date Impounded: Time Impounded:
6/04/2011 03:05 pm
Location Found:
Description of Animal:
Staffy Cross, Brindle, Female
Contact: 4044 3044 and quote CCC ID No. 309951
309952.JPG Date Impounded: Time Impounded:
6/04/2011 05:00 pm
Location Found:
Description of Animal:
Pug, Desexed Male, Fawn and black muzzle
Contact: 4044 3044 and quote CCC ID No. 309952
309958.JPG Date Impounded: Time Impounded:
7/04/2011 01:10 pm
Location Found:
Description of Animal:
Female Bullmastif X, Tan
Contact: 4044 3044 and quote CCC ID No. 309958
309960.JPG Date Impounded: Time Impounded:
7/04/2011 01:39 pm
Location Found:
Description of Animal:
female Cattle dog X, tan and white
Contact: 4044 3044 and quote CCC ID No. 309960
309959.JPG Date Impounded: Time Impounded:
7/04/2011 01:43 pm
Location Found:
Description of Animal:
desexed male Poodle X, Black
Contact: 4044 3044 and quote CCC ID No. 309959
309962.jpg Date Impounded: Time Impounded:
7/04/2011 01:52 pm
Location Found:
Description of Animal:
Cat, Choc Point, Male, Red Collar
Contact: 4044 3044 and quote CCC ID No. 309962
309965.JPG Date Impounded: Time Impounded:
7/04/2011 03:45 pm
Location Found:
Description of Animal:
Staffy, Female, Brindle
Contact: 4044 3044 and quote CCC ID No. 309965
309955.jpg Date Impounded: Time Impounded:
7/04/2011 11:30 am
Location Found:
Description of Animal:
Boxer Cross, Tan, Female
Contact: 4044 3044 and quote CCC ID No. 309955
309956.JPG Date Impounded: Time Impounded:
7/04/2011 12:47 pm
Location Found:
Description of Animal:
female Siamese Cat, Choc point
Contact: 4044 3044 and quote CCC ID No. 309956

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cairns Vet offers discount microchipping through April

Cairns Vet Clinic, Aeroglen Vet Surgery and Gordonvale Vet Surgery are offering discount microchipping with either vaccination or desexing throughout April. Microchipping is really important to protect your pet against loss: this has been highlighted during the recent Queensland Floods where hundreds of pets were lost.

Cairns Vet: "Tag and chip your pet to help them find their way home."

Cairns Vet Clinic also recommends having a collar as well as a microchip.

As a consolation to people who don't need their pet vaccinated or desexed this month but still want to microchip them, we are giving away free ID charms with microchipping (instead of the disount). Check these out at Cairns Vet Clinic website promo page.

Or a free bling pet charm to everyone who is microchipping their pet at Cairns Vet!

Cairns dog micochippingCairns vet microchipping promoCairns Cat microchipping

Save over 40% on microchipping OR get a free charm with this special offer at Cairns Vet Clinic and branches throughout April.