Friday, October 29, 2010

Cairns dog-napper charged

Dogs in Cairns have few places to roam free, and one of the most popular places to take your dog is the beach.  The Cairns Post today reported on an incident where a dog bit a man on Trinity Beach.  The man subsequently allegedly took the dog from the owner and demanded money as compensation.  This is a good reminder of the difficulties off-lead dogs can cause, and of the importance of proper behavior training.  Your dog should not be off lead unless it consistently comes when called and is well socialised and plays nicely with other pets and people.  A great way to improve your pets social skills is at our Puppy Preschool.
Even then, problems like dog fights are common: no matter how perfect you think your dog is, it only takes a clash of personalities before you can be off to Cairns Vet Clinic with one or both dogs!
Read the full Cairns Post article below.

Cairns' duo's knife-point dog-nap charges

Daniel Strudwick

Friday, October 29, 2010

© The Cairns Post

 AN afternoon stroll along the sand turned into a tale of alleged dog-napping and extortion at knife-point for a Trinity Beach man and his pet kelpie.

Two men faced Cairns Magistrates’ Court yesterday after police alleged they seized the dog and threatened its owner with a fishing knife.

Jade Matthews, 25, and Jesse Howe, 27, were walking along the popular stretch of sand when Mr Howe was bitten by the kelpie, the court heard.

The two men allegedly took the dog from its owner and demanded money from the man as compensation for the minor wounds.

Mr Howe followed the dog’s owner to his home in Trinity Beach, but the man’s neighbour called police.

The two men allegedly fled, releasing the dog, but officers later found them in a car nearby.

Mr Matthews was released from police custody on strict bail conditions yesterday. Mr Howe was remanded in custody.

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