Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cairns Pet Grooming

Cairns Vet Clinic offers a full range of pet grooming and bathing services.  We focus on comfort clips and clipping animals sedated (rather than fancy clips with bows and powder!).   We also carry a wide range of pet supplies including DIY pet grooming products, shampoos and preventative health care.

 Why do we sedate pets for grooming?
We sedate pets which are anxious, have matted coats or are likely to struggle and panic when being clipped (which means all cats :-) )
Sedation does add to the cost of clipping but it makes the experience much less distressing for them and ensures a better clip.  It also means the clipping is quicker and thus less expensive.

When should I have my pet clipped?
  Your pet should be clipped when their coating is getting long but before it is matted.  Once the coat is matted clipping is more difficult and a very short clip may be needed as this makes it easier to clip under the knots: many people who let their pet get matted do so because they like their pet with long hair (not clipped short) so this can be counterproductive.

My pet's breeder said you should never clip (insert breed here: Malamutes, German Shepherds, Pomeranians etc.)

They clearly don't live in Cairns.  We have not seen any adverse effects of clipping pets.  (Supposedly clipping long coated dogs will somehow permanently affect their ability to grow a nice coat or give them a chill or something).  In fact, many dogs grow much nicer coats after a clip, and many long coated dogs suffer chronic skin disease unnoticed under their thick hair, especially if they have an undercoat.

Won't my pet be cold after clipping?
We recommend clipping long coated pets at least twice a year: clipping in September and May ensures your pet has some coat cover on the coldest days and nights: still, Cairns weather rarely gets below 20 degrees, so its really not cold!  Many pets need 3-6 clips a year: just clip them before it gets too cold and they will be fine.

Doesn't long hair insulate my pet from the heat?
Not unless the temperature is over the dog's body temperature: 38.5 degrees!.  Dogs don't sweat so wearing a thick fur coat doesn't bother them as much as it would bother us, but they still can't lose heat as quickly if they have a long coat. 
Pets consistently get more active and comfortable after clipping: it can seem to take years off their age in many cases.

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