Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vets on alert for disease outbreaks after floods

Many human and animal diseases spread rapidly during wet weather or following floods.  Poor sanitation, insect vector plagues and stressed animals crowded together on available dry ground all mean the risk of serious infectious animal disease (and also many human diseases like Ross River virus) are greatly enhanced.

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Veterinarians in Australia on standby – animal disease a major concern

It has been reported that veterinarians in Australia are on standby as animal diseases have become a huge concern across the country.
Vet advice
The Australian Veterinary Association has gathered a team to advise vets in flood zones. The advisors include those who deal with livestock, wildlife, horses and animal behaviour.
President of the Australian Cattle Veterinarians, Dr Robert Bonanno, has said that there major potential for many mosquito spread viruses. "The conditions have probably never been better, certainly in my living memory, for the spread of things like Akabane, three day sickness and those types of viral diseases spread by mozzies," he says.
Livestock owners are also being warned about feeding livestock mouldy feed, and of botulism.

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