Monday, January 14, 2013

Cairns RSPCA overwhelmed with dumped pets after holidays

THE RSPCA is struggling to cope with a flood of discarded pets
Cairns RSPCA manager Yoni Rankin told the Cairns Post that many people say they are moving house and they can no longer take their pet.
Christmas is always challenging time for shelters like the RSPCA and YAPS, with many pets being given as unwanted gifts, or people wanting to get rid of pets because they are going on holidays or moving home.
Its a reminder that pet ownership is a big responsibility.
While charities like the RSPCA are great as a safety net for dumped pets, they shouldn't be thought of as just providing a community service. If too many pets are dumped, shelters are forced to turn away or euthanase pets.

Thinking about adopting a pet?

Pets from shelters often need extra care.  The right information can help you settle them in to a new life. Learn about adopting a pet.

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