Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bat bite puts Cairns boy's life in danger

Our thoughts go out to a Cairns boy fighting for his life after contracting lyssa virus from an infected bat.

Source: Cairns Post

Bats and flying foxes are pretty peaceful creatures who avoid human contact, but can occasionally carry the deadly lyssa virus. The virus (related to the rabies virus) can be transmitted from scratches or bites from infected flying foxes.
For this reason, you should never handle bats or flying foxes, unless you have been vaccinated for rabies and correctly trained
Cairns vet clinic doesn't examine or treat bats at all for this reason, even though we do a lot of Cairns wildlife veterinary treatment generally.
If you find a sick or injured bat, don't touch it!
Sick bats are more likely to be infected.
If you are bitten, wash the wound thoroughly and see your doctor immediately

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