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Cairns Pet Accommodation - YAPS Boarding for dogs and cats

As part of our feature series on Cairns Pet Friendly Accommodation and Cairns Boarding Kennels & catteries we are featuring YAPS Boarding Kennels and for dogs and cats.

YAPS (Young Animal Protection Society) offers boarding and cattery facilities as well as being a large and well established non-profit animal refuge and charity.  They are located on MacGregor Rd, Smithfield, about 10 minutes north of Cairns Airport, so they are conveniently located if you are flying out or driving from Cairns city to the North (like Port Douglas) or west (to Kuranda and the tablelands).

YAPS offer long and short term pet accommodation in their dog boarding kennel and cattery.  They also take in stray and surrendered pets and care for them until they can be rehomed.  If you are looking for a new pet, YAPS, along with the Cairns RSPCA  (who also offer dog and cat boarding) are two of the main places you should try.

YAPS have a really great website with heaps of information about their shelter, boarding kennel and cattery, and the many animal welfare projectss they are involved with. 

For more information on YAPS pet accommodation, boarding, cattery and shelter operations: Visit http://www.yaps.org.au/index.html

I have included a short excerpt below, but this is only a fraction of the information about their work: their website covers heaps more like their Boarding Kennels, Lost and found pets, Pet adoption program, pet care and training, Staffy Rescue and how to make a donation of goods or cash.


Dallas McMillan

Cairns Vet Clinic

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YAPS Cairns dog and cat Boarding

Yaps Animal Refuge and Boarding Kennels


Cairns Queensland Australia


Phone/Fax: (07) 4057 6373


Yaps Animal Refuge Shelter rescue dogs and cats in Cairns Queensland Australia .. Yaps Boarding Kennels are the biggest and best in Cairns .. we rehome abandoned .. abused and unwanted animals.

Our shelter protects many cats and dogs until the right families come along .. some live out their days with us as permanent guests .. all facilities run successfully because of dedicated staff .. volunteers .. supporters and members.





The Young Animal Protection Society Inc. is a non profit organization that cares for Homeless and Unwanted Dogs and Cats.

Animals come to Yaps from various avenues .. animals found wandering the streets .. often abandoned and abused are picked up by the Cairns City Council Animal Control Officers or the General Public .. sometimes it is a persons living or personal circumstances that have changed and they can no longer keep their pets so they voluntary surrender them in to Y.A.P.S care.

The overall goal of the organization is to provide a service aiming at excellence to the Cairns and surrounding district in the area of animal welfare.

The refuge started at its current location .. Lot 2 McGregor Road Smithfield in 1985 and has gradually increased in sized as volunteer and donations of material became available.

As an Animal Refuge .. Y.A.P.S is one of very few in the area to provide a service to the community that takes in these homeless animals .. thus getting these animals off the street and re housing them back into society as healthy desexed animals.

Yaps has clean and spacious Boarding Kennels for both Cats and Dogs.

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