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Dugongs and turtles slaughtered near Cairns: (WARNING - may disturb)

Shocking Cairns Dugong slaughter and video

 got a tweet from Colin Riddell about the alarming hunting of Dugongs and Turtles around Cairns.  This has been in the media on and off over the years and we tend to forget about it, but of course it still goes on.  This dugong and turtle hunting is legal under the Native Title act, but the cruelty and waste often involved makes it hard to justify.  Many Australians are happy for traditional hunting activities to occur, but the idea of people in boats shooting multiple dugongs in a morning outing doesn't fit with this.

Dugongs are intelligent mammals like dolphins and whales, and the people of the world are increasingly opposed to their hunting and slaughter.  Check out Colin's website Save Australian Dugongs and Turtles , and learn about the shocking hunting of dugongs and turtles around Cairns and elsewhere on the Australian Coast.

Dallas McMillan

Vet in Cairns

Read more about Cairns pets and animals

Excerpt  covering Dugong slaughter near Cairns below:

Read more at Save Australian Dugongs and Turtles 



My recommendations on alterations to the native title act 1993 

1. A moratorium to be imposed ASAP to determine sustainable numbers by scientific study with full indigenous involvement for transparency.

(a) Alternative meat / protein must be provided via subsidy by the government to communities directly affect by the moratorium at the same price they could buy it in cairns/port Douglas or cooktown.

 2. Turtles and dugongs must be dispatched humanely. Humanely must be defined .

 3.Permits must be issued by DPI or similar body to elders nominated to issue. This would help restore respect to elders , as it stands now elders have no back up for non compliance.

 4.Government rangers and indigenous rangers with full prosecution powers.

(a) To be appointed to monitor permit use , this would help elders to refuse family/relations demanding extras. And skulls or shells to be kept for proof of permit compliance .

(b)Any extras found skulls or shells action to be instigated .This would give the elders a strong excuse to refuse extras as they can say they are heavily monitored.

5.Any breach by anybody to be prosecuted by severe penalties.

6.No killing of sea turtles and dugongs by anyone in green zones especially high tourist areas ,e.G. Great barrier reef.

7.Any animal on the endangered or vunerable to extinction species list to be excluded from killing by anyone .

8. If it is determined there are none to be taken in any given declared area because of lack of numbers , so be it.

9. Use traditional methods if no permit system ,or if permit system exists use any means as long as permit system is strictly adhered to .

10.Traditional needs to  to be determined

Yet no one at all counts or knows how many are killed you wonder if it is run by morons?  See in the section below of the native title act 1993 that allows this slaughter, note it is devoid of process ,just motherhood statements !

Photo Taken by Ryan McClellan: Friend him on Facebook
Ryan also owns an Eco-Friendly clothing line that works with non-profits and environmental organizations, check it out at Born of Water .

This is dugong hunting taken from famed Australian documentary maker Ben Cropp .
It was filmed right here in Australia in the Torres straits.
The full video is called THE ELUSIVE MERMAID, and is available on Ben Cropps website . I highly recommend it.
Ben has many other videos available on ocean and land animals.
Note it is a pregnant female AND you hear the commentator say Ben SAW 12 KILLED in the 10 days he was there.

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