Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Microchip success stories and FAQ

Cairns Vet Clinic uses CAR Microchips (https://www.car.com.au/products) and often get questions about how microchips work etc: their webpage has some great photos and tips which are worth a read if you want to know more about microchipping.    They also have some great stories about succesful recoveries, and some less successful, like this one....


We recently received an email from a person in New York... Yes New York, USA, advising us that they had found a dog which was microchipped & listed on our database, here in Australia!


They were obviously keen to locate the owner so that the dog, a beautiful 6 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, could be reunited with them, but unfortunately the owners had not updated their contact details when they had either moved to the USA, or at least, re-homed the dog overseas, so contact with them wasn't possible! Unfortunately, we don't know what happened to this pet after that!



CAR have over 1.6 million animals on their database and have helped in the recovery of over 341,000 lost pets.

Read more microchip stories at https://www.car.com.au/
Under their products page you can also order a council-type tag so people can contact the registry without taking their pet to the vet: excerpt below.

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To provide additional assistance to the implanted microchip in ensuring your lost or stolen pet is returned home , consider having a Central Animal Records (CAR) tag fitted to your dog or cats collar.

These tags are uniquely numbered and are cross linked to your microchip record, and carry the CAR phone number as a point of contact.

The real value is that if a member of the public finds your dog or cat ,there is capacity to return your pet home to you without the need for the member of the public to transport your pet to a microchip scanning centre.

How does it work?
Using the Phone number on the tag ,our CAR operators are contacted by the finder of your pet. The finder simply quotes the unique number from the tag worn by your pet. Our operators obtain finders name and contact number/s.
We then retrieve your details from the database, and contact you to advise that your pet has been found and provide you with the details of that person including contact details ,so that you can arrange to call them and collect your pet.
In many cases, pet owners have been contacted before they even realised that their pet had even slipped out of its yard! It works that quickly!

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