Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Puppy and kitten microchipping now required by law for Cairns Pets: don't be dudded when buying a pet


I like to keep an eye on what's happening on Cairns Pet related social media, and I often see puppies and kittens advertised for sale without microchips.  Remember this is illegal now: if someone is trying to sell you an un-microchipped pet then they are dudding you: theres also a good chance they haven't done other essential preventative care like worming and vaccination.
Don't buy a pet (or even be given for free) a pet that hasn't had basic preventative care: we often see puppies and kittens run up expensive vet bills due to worms which could have been easily and cheaply prevented.  For the best advice on Pet supplies and puppy and kitten health care, speak to your local vet.

Puppies and kittens from Pet shops should cover these basic health care issues (though there can be other problems with pet shops)
Another way to get a pet which has had good preventative care including microchipping, vaccination, worming and desexing is to visit a local animal shelter.  This also helps prevent overbreeding and the euthanasia of unwanted animals.

Dallas McMillan
Cairns Vet Clinic 


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