Friday, July 8, 2011

Cairns teens face justice over wallaby killings, torture

A group of teens have been caught by police following a very nasty act of cruelty on wallabies near Edmonton on the Southern side of Cairns.  I'm glad these young people have been caught and have to come to terms with what they have done.  Animal cruelty in childhood often correlates with even more serious criminal behavior as the individual matures.  Hopefully they will realise how pointless this is and learn to appreciate and respect animals.  Perhaps a couple of hundred hours voluntary work at an animal shelter or wildlife park is in order.

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Gang of teenagers disciplined after allegedly torturing and killing wallabies in bushland near Cairns

TEENS have been dealt with under the Youth Justices Act after allegedly hunting wallabies with spears, hog-tying them and leaving them to die near Cairns.

Police from Edmonton, a southern Cairns suburb, on Friday dealt with eight youths  aged between 13 and 15  who were involved in the alleged killings at Whiterock.

A concerned resident contacted the police at the start of the school holidays to report the gang of youths was allegedly hunting and torturing the wallabies.

Cairns Crime Prevention Sergeant Cary Coolican said police searched bushland behind a housing estate in Whiterock last week and found two spears and a number of wallaby carcasses.

She said the gang of youths had been tracked down by police and dealt with on Friday.

Read more about Teens caught for Wallaby Torture near Cairns at the Courier Mail

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