Saturday, July 2, 2011

Third Hendra Virus case confirmed in horse near Boonah in QLD

Have just received this update from the Australian Veterinary Association: its shaping up to be a big Hendra virus season.  A large part of the surge in diagnosis is likely increased awareness and alertness by horse owners and vets of the possibility of Hendra Virus in sick horses.  This highlights the importance of getting your horse checked by a vet when it is unwell and being sure to practice safe and hygeinic animal handling, especially with interventions like dentistry, stomach tubing, worming, etc.
Dallas McMillan
Cairns Veterinary Clinic

July 2011

Third Hendra case confirmed
Biosecurity Queensland has confirmed a third Hendra case in a horse near Mount Alford and Boonah in Queensland, around 70km from the first case near Beaudesert.

This is the third confirmation in a week, with the other two cases being found on properties near Beaudesert south of Brisbane and near Wollongbar between Ballina and Lismore in New South Wales.

All three properties are in quarantine, with horses and people in contact with the affected horses being tested for the virus. All the veterinarians involved are being supported by colleagues in the veterinary community, and our thoughts are with them and their families as they wait anxiously for the all clear.

The AVA news article page ( ) is being progressively updated on all the latest information on all three cases.

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