Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cairns Vet Clinic wants to know how we can serve you better: take our survey

Cairns Vet Clinic is hoping you can tell us how we can improve our service to you and better communicate with you.  We've had great feedback and interaction via social media with lots of people sharing photos and comments with us, and we are sure this will grow in the future.  We send out regular reminders for essential medication and many of our clients tell us how helpful this is.  What is the best way for us to reach you and help improve your relationship with your pet?  What is important to you in choosing a vet.

Help us out by filling in our survey
Cairns Vet Clinic Client Survey

We have run one of these surveys before and the results were really useful, and quite surprising! 
For a number, we had a number of clients ask us if we could do house calls and pet grooming: in fact we have offered both these services for years.  This is a great example of how this type of survey can help you and us achieve better results for your pet.

We were very happy to see the high response rate to our last survey and also the high levels of positive feedback in the last survey.  Its great that so many of our clients seem so happy, but we wondered whether only our most ardent admirers took the time to do the survey.  We sent a gift voucher to one lucky survey respondent last time and we'll be doing the same again: hopefully we'll get a good range of responses.
So I'd encourage you, if you've ever used our services and changed vets or not been happy for some reason to please fill out our survey to let us know and hopefully we can do a better job in the future.

Cairns Vet Clinic Client Survey

If you'd prefer you can even come in to the clinic and do the survey on that old fashioned stuff called paper!

Thanks in advance for your help, and special thanks to those who filled out our last survey.


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