Sunday, July 10, 2011

Huge Cairns Pet Open day at YAPS with Dave & Inkie from ZincFM Morning zoo

Come and help raise money for Cairns pets at YAPS open day!
YAPS (Young Animal Protection Society) are a long established Cairns Animal Shelter, charity and boarding kennel on Stanton Rd in Smithfield.  They've been doing great work for years and are having their first ever open day as part of the Cairns Festival.
I just heard Dave and Inkie from the Morning Zoo talking about it and it sounds Great!
Its going to be huge with dog washes .. doggie boot camps .. fashion parade .. face painting .. agility demonstrations .. pin the tail on the doggie competitions .. sausage sizzles and the worlds longest hot dog competition.
Dallas McMillan
Cairns Veterinary Clinic 
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Read more details about the great Cairns Pet extravaganza: "One Hundred Thousand YAPS" at:
Excerpt below
Between July 17 and August 21st we will be doing a major fundraising drive for YAPS .. the One Hundred Thousand YAPS .. with the aim of collecting $100,000 in donations for this very worthy cause.

We will officially launch the fundraising activity on Sunday July 17th 2011 at YAPS with their very first open day .. the Mongrel Moggie Muster.

This event will include an outside broadcast by Dave and Inkie .. Zincfm’s Morning Zoo and be further supported by businesses such as dog washes .. doggie boot camps .. discounted micro-chipping .. face painting .. agility demonstrations .. pin the tail on the doggie competitions .. sausage sizzles and any other market/stall holders who are interested in participating on the day.

The main function of this event is to hand out the 1000 YAPS money boxes to everyone who wants to register to take part in the fundraising activity .. they then have until Sunday August 21st 2011 to raise $100 or more per tin. (1000 tins times $100 = $100,000)

The challenge is open to individuals .. schools .. businesses or groups who register to take part in the challenge .. registration will be available on-line .. at any Overflow store or at YAPS .. there will be great prizes for each of the categories to win .. which is where you come in!

We are seeking your generosity by way of donating prizes .. prizes for any category .. be it dinner for ten that a business could use as a staff dinner .. gift vouchers .. furniture .. computers .. fashions .. make-overs .. consultations .. toys .. anything .. big or small .. that might add a little extra incentive for participation in this very good cause.

Alternatively or additionally .. you may want to participate in the challenge yourself .. or involve your business .. the money boxes can sit on counters .. can be passed around an office .. kids can be encouraged to take them and do a walk your dog a thon or school groups might like to have a cent sale .. a garage sale .. there are so many ways to fill a tin with $100 or more.

The culmination of the fundraising activity will be on Sunday 21st of August 2011 at Cannon Park where we will have the inaugural One Hundred Thousand YAPS Fair .. this event will host a flea market with plants .. clothes .. foods .. pony rides etc.

Keep Reading about the YAPS Cairns Pet fundraiser and register at

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