Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cairns dog flea problems and treatment

At Cairns Vet Clinic we see a lot of dogs with skin disease secondary to fleas.  In Cairns, Dogs suffer from fleas, ticks and flying biting insects year round.  Fleas and ticks are worst during the dry season from June to December, but they can and do cause problems all year.  The key to effective control is year around protection with modern safe residual products like Frontline, Advantage, Advocate or Advantix (Note do not ever put Advantix on cats: it is only safe for dogs). 
Of these products, Frontline and Advantix both protect dogs against ticks and fleas, and Advantix also protects against flying, biting insects like mosquitoes and midges. 
At Cairns Vet Clinic find the Bayer Advantage/Advantix/Advocate family to be more effective for fleas than frontline, though Frontline is more waterproof and still an excellent product.
The keys to success with using these spot on products are:
  • Use at the reccomended frequency: monthly for fleas or two weekly for ticks (Frontline and Advantage)
  • Apply the whole dose to the dogs skin (we prefer to shave the hair approx 2cm x3cm to apply the liquid)
  • Use the right dose for the pet (don't try to split doses: this can be dangerous or ineffective).
  • Apply to a dry pet and do not wash for 24 hours.  For best results do not wash for 2-4 weeks
  • If there are still fleas around, treat your yard, house and the pets bedding.

Check out the video and description of application here from Bayer:

How to apply - Dogs

Fast Relief for Your Dog

Watch How To Apply Video
(This video may take a few minutes to download)

Applying Advantage® flea control to your canine companion is fast and easy. Advantage is available in four different dosages, which your veterinarian will determine based on your pet's weight. (Advantage for dogs should not be used on any other type of animal. Always consult your veterinarian prior to application.)

For dogs and puppies 7 weeks and older:

  • Puppies/Dogs 10 lbs. and under
  • Dogs 11-20 lbs.
  • Dogs 21-55 lbs.
  • Dogs over 55 lbs.

If your dog weighs 20 lbs. or less, follow these steps:

  1. Remove one applicator tube from the package.
  2. Hold applicator tube in an upright position. Pull off the cap.
  3. Turn the cap around and place other end of cap back on tube.
  4. Twist cap to break seal, then remove cap from tube.
  5. The dog should be standing for easy application. Part the hair between the dog's shoulder blades on his/her back until the skin is visible. Place the tip of the tube on the skin and squeeze the tube twice to expel the entire contents directly on the skin. Do not get this product in your pet's eyes or mouth.
  6. Discard empty tube by securely wrapping in several layers of newspaper and discarding in trash.

how to apply to dogs 20 lbs or less

For dogs 21 lbs. and over:

Follow directions above, except in step 5, apply the entire contents of the tube to three or four spots on the top of the back from the shoulder to the base of the tail.

how to apply to dogs over 21 lbs


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