Monday, October 25, 2010

Dog behavior

Dog Behaviour can be confusing and frustrating.  This little tip can help you see the bright side and get on better with your dog.  It works with kids too!  If you have a puppy then socialisation and the right training advice is critical: check out our Puppy Preschool


Wear 'Rose-Colored Glasses' Around Your Dog

by Irith Bloom, Owner, The Sophisticated Dog

  We humans tend to focus on the negative, rather than the positive. Instead of falling intothis trap, put on rose-colored glasses when you look at your dog. In other words, make a concerted effort to focus on the 999 times your dog does the right thing, instead of the one time your dog does the wrong thing.

Focusing on, and rewarding, behavior you like can quickly transform your dog's behavior, especially if you also work on ignoring behavior you don't like, rather than rewarding it with attention. (This works well with co-workers and family members, too, by the way.)

Irith Bloom is the owner of The Sophisticated Dog, a company offering pet-friendly training services to clients in Los Angeles.

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