Friday, October 29, 2010

Cairns dog rescued from dog-nappers in Kurumba!

Cairns dog stolen from RSPCA recovered thanks to a watchful business owner and microchip!
Cairns Vet Clinic has been closely watching this story as we are the official RSPCA vets and work closely with the great team of people at the RSPCA.
The Whelan family's dog Saffron stolen from the RSPCA on night of the 10th/11th of October has been found and reunited with her family at Heathrow Airport.
Saffron was recognised in the back of a ute by a keen-eyed business owner in Kurumba, Far North Queensland, more than 4 days and 750km from where she was stolen.  The dog-rescuer phoned police and RSPCA.
Fortunately the dog was microchipped and its identity could be proven beyond a doubt. 
Read the Cairns Post report of the RSPCA dog theft Dog theft ruins travel plan below:

Daniel Strudwick

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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Part of the family: Steve Whelan cradles Midget, who he took out of kennels after Saffron was stolen. Picture: JAKE NOWAKOWSKI

A THEFT at Stratford RSPCA has thrown a family's overseas trip into dog-gone chaos. Can you help the Whelan's find their beloved pooch Saffron?

Thieves broke into the RSPCA on Greenbank Rd and made off with Saffron, the beloved pet pooch of the Whelan family from Edmonton who are relocating to London this month.

The family spent $7000 on accommodation and flights for their two dogs who were due to be reunited with their owners at Heathrow airport next month.

But now, the Whelans face an anxious wait as police investigate.

"We’re absolutely distraught. Our dogs are like our babies," Stephen Whelan said.

"Hopefully, someone out there will know what’s happened and they’ll be able to tell the police because we want our baby back."

Mr Whelan said Saffron was probably targeted because of her placid nature.

"All of the other dogs would’ve been barking, but Saffron is so friendly that she would’ve been jumping up to say hello."

Jody Whelan said: "We are holding out every hope that Saffron will be joining us."

Officers say the dog-nap took place between 4.30pm on Sunday and 7am on Monday.

Anyone with information should call Constable Katelyn Maroske on 4030 7000 or RSPCA Stratford on 4055 1487.

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