Monday, May 16, 2011

Cairns Pet Accommodation - Dog boarding Kennels & Catteries

We get heaps of enquiries from Cairns Pet owners and Travellers about the options for boarding pets around the Cairns region.  Sometimes people want to board their pet for a few days or weeks while they go on holidays.  other times they need to board their pet unexpectedly due to a hospital stay or other emergency.

To help you choose Cairns pet accommodation options - dog boarding kennels and catteries, I am going to provide some information and links to the boarding kennels in and around Cairns.  By and large we hear good things about all these premises. 

Boarding kennels & catteries near Cairns

There are a number of Cairns Pet Accommodation options in Cairns itself, but most are 15-60 minutes away from Cairns.  These are often helpful when you are travelling by car: eg: if you are driving south then Lyndor, Sanlay, Cats Cattery or Tropicats may be convenient.  If you are travelling North, the RSPCA, YAPS,

Dog Boarding Kennel and Cattery tips

Its important to remember when you board your pet you will need to:

  • Ensure their vaccinations are up to date (needs to be done 2 weeks prior to boarding)
  • Apply a flea and tick product such as Frontline or Advantix
  • Worm your pet
  • Ensure they are clean and well: remember if your pet is unwell the manager will need to take them to the vet.
  • Mention any concerns to the kennel/cattery manager.
  • Leave contact details for your vet, and emergency contact details for yourself and another person of authority if you can't be contacted.

Its also worth noting that kennel cough is very common in boarding kennels in Australia.  While vaccinations are available, it may only reduce the frequency and severity of infections, not totally prevent it.  Also there are many strains of kennel cough and we only vaccinate for 2 of the most serious and common infections.

Read more about health care for your pet at Cairns Vet Clinic

Read about Cairns Pet Friendly Accommodation at Cairns Pets


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