Monday, May 16, 2011

Cairns Pet Accommodation - Kuranda Pet Resort

Cairns Pet Holiday Accommodation

Cairns Pet owners and travellers often ask Cairns Vet Clinic Staff about options to Cairns Pet Holiday Accommodation options in the Cairns Region.  We will be showcasing the boarding kennels and Catteries in the Cairns region.

Read more information about Cairns Pet Friendly Accommodation (Hotels, motels, apartments etc that take humans and their pets) and Cairns Pet Accommodation (Boarding Kennels and Catteries) from Cairns Vet Clinic.

Kuranda Pet Resort - Luxury Accommodation for dogs

Kuranda Pet Resort is a modern and well organised resort located around 20 minutes from Cairns in beautiful Kuranda.

(07) 4093 8239
(07) 4093 9962

For more about Kuranda Pet Resort, visit their website:

Excerpt below:

Resort Accommodation


For Dogs

At Kuranda Pet Resort, our canine guests enjoy accommodation and services superior to any in the region.

Accommodation and exercise
Our kennel is specially designed for the comfort and security of your pooch, while allowing suitable dogs to safely socialise.

  • Huge, cool, clean, fully-roofed kennels and runs
  • Premium quality diet and all special needs catered for
  • Hygienic trampoline beds with cosy winter covers
  • Very caring, responsible and experienced staff
  • 8 big exercise areas (over 2000 sq metre turfed) for hours of play every day

We organise active times and quiet times, so your dog can run and play and then have a good rest. Each kennel has direct access to grassed exercise areas. Dogs of similar size may be allowed to play together under the supervision of our experienced staff if their temperament allows. Play time, cuddles and all entertainment provided with great pleasure and free of charge.

We know dogs love their tucker, and we feed the best twice daily. Our sumptuous chicken risotto is cooked fresh each day and is served with a highly nutritious Royal Canin premium dry food in hygienic stainless steel bowls.

The cleaning and disinfecting chemicals used in our facility are non-toxic to dogs and people. All food is prepared in our commercial kitchen.

We provide a complimentary hydrobath before departure for dogs staying 7 days or more if time permits. Hydrobaths for dogs with shorter stays incur a small fee. We ask that you provide a specific check-out time to ensure your pet is ready when you arrive.


Tropical landscaping between kennels
Our customersarrive on all sorts of transport


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