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Cairns pet owners need to watch out for crocs in waterways

Cairns Crocodile sightings seem to be getting regular, with a large (2.0m) crocodile removed from Saltwater Creek behind Edge Hill State School on Sunday and another, larger (2.4m) Crocodile in Moody's creek in Mooroobool.  Both of these creeks are in suburban areas, popular for fishing and bait fishing with nets.  Both creeks have walking tracks along their banks which are popular with pet owners: take care if you regularly walk your dog in this sort of habitat, as crocodiles can lurk nearby.  No doubt the ancient reptiles have been encouraged into the creeks as a result of the extended wet season and high water levels.

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Cairns residents worried about crocodiles in suburban waterways

Friday, May 20, 2011

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Cairns residents are worried about the safety of suburban waterways after three close encounters with crocodiles in neighbourhood creeks.

About 50 people gathered at Moodys Creek at Mooroobool yesterday as wildlife rangers tried to catch and remove a 2.4m crocodile, spotted on the bank by nearby residents.

Police were called to keep the eager onlookers from spilling on to Swallow Rd, and the growing crowd was kept waiting for hours while the croc hid beneath the water.

The rangers used nets to cordon off an area of the water and keep the croc from drifting away with the tide.

At one point during their operation, an unknown man burst into the creek from the other side of the Swallow St bridge and waded through the water, into the same area as the lurking crocodile.

Onlookers held their breaths as police persuaded the man out of the water and he was safely removed from the area a few minutes later.

The Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) said rangers were still trying to catch the animal late last night.

Mooroobool resident Joy Hand had raised the croc alarm to neighbours on Swallow St yesterday after seeing the 2.4m reptile on the creek's banks in the morning.

Mrs Hand said residents are concerned that crocodiles are making their homes so close to built-up areas.

"It's a busy road, and so is Mulgrave Rd where we saw a croc yesterday, and it's surprising that they're so at ease around the traffic and noise," Mrs Hand said.

"It's worrying to see two crocs in two days, and to see them in creeks where children go swimming and go fishing - so close to houses too."

The sighting follows similar reports in other residential areas this week, including a 2 metre croc in Saltwater Creek behind Edge Hill State School on Sunday.

And the Moodys Creek crocodile was also spotted near Mulgrave Rd on Wednesday, frightening local fishermen as it crept on to the banks.

And Yorkeys Knob anglers raised concern about a 4 metre saltie photographed from their boat on the banks of Moon River at Half Moon Bay.


<strong>Visitor:</strong> The crocodile was spotted sunning itself on a bank at Mooroobool before rangers showed up to catch it. Picture: DONALD BIEHLER (reader-submitted)

Visitor: The crocodile was spotted sunning itself on a bank at Mooroobool before rangers showed up to catch it. Picture: DONALD BIEHLER (reader-submitted)

Crocodile: Cairns Park

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