Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cairns Police Shoot dog during raid

Cairns Police have shot a dog during a raid in White Rock on Saturday 14th May.  The dog had allegedly attacked one of the officers and was shot. A vet was called in to assess the dog and decided it needed to be euthanased.  Neighbours reported the dog was known to them as a vicious dog and they were careful not to let their dog go near the fence.  Aggressive dogs are a common problem for police and other people who need to visit homes (such as meter readers and tradesmen).  Its important to socialise your dog from an early age and take them through basic obedience training to ensure they are safe around visitors.


Dallas McMillan, Cairns Vet Clinic

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Read the original article about the Cairns dog shot during police Raid at the Cairns Post:

Excerpt below

Police shoot dog in White Rock raid

Cait Bester

Monday, May 16, 2011

© The Cairns Post

Scene of the shooting: The house police raided, where they were allegedly attacked by a vicious dog which was shot and later euthanased. Picture: Mike Watt


POLICE officers who shot and wounded a dog while conducting a raid on a White Rock home will be investigated by the force's ethical standards bureau.

Neighbours of the Coombs St house where the incident took place on Saturday told The Cairns Post yesterday they heard up to nine shots fired.

Police ethical standards yesterday confirmed investigations into the shooting had begun after the animal, which was described as vicious by one neighbour, was shot and wounded as police swooped on the residence looking for evidence of drug supply and illegal activity.

"A dog has attempted to attack an officer and was subsequently shot," a Queensland Police media spokesman told The Cairns Post yesterday.


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