Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cairns Pet owners: Update your microchip details if you've moved, or get Microchip discount in April

Cairns Vet Clinic is offering cheap microchipping in April with vaccination or desexing, save over $20.
If your pet was born after October 2010 it is required by law to be microchipped.  Also, if a dog or cat is sold or transferred it needs to be microchipped.

Make sure if your pet is microchipped that your address and phone details are up to date.  We sometimes get stray animals with microchipped but still can't reach the owner.
Read more on about microchipping your pet and our microchipping discount for April.

Cairns Vet Clinic uses the National Pet Registry: You can search their database here:

National Pet Register

The National Pet Register provides an Australia-wide pet identification and recovery service. The National Pet Register aims to reduce the number of lost and stray dogs, cats and other animals by issuing free individually numbered ID tags and recording microchip numbers on our national database.

If you would like to find out if your pet microchip number is on our database, please enter the microchip number below:

Microchip Number:

If your microchip is not on the National Pet Register, you can still arrange for your pet to be added to our system. Many clients prefer this, even if they have a pre-existing microchip on another system. This must be done by one of our authorised veterinary clinics, click here to locate your nearest microchip centre where this can be done.

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