Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Paralysis tick season approaching in Cairns

In Cairns the paralysis tick season corresponds to our dry season, roughly June-December.  This is different from Southern Queensland and NSW when the local season may instead occur during the warmest months of the year. 

In Cairns, it seems paralysis ticks don't like too much rain (though a small amount of rain will often trigger a tick surge.  For example in 2010 our dry season was very wet and we saw lower numbers of cases of tick paralysis than normal.

Yesterday Cairns Vet Clinic treated two animals with tick paralysis : This isn't the true tick season but we will start to see more ticks around as the rain goes away.  It is common to see ticks after a week of dry weather.  A shower or two seems to trigger tick hatching or maturation so commonly precedes a surge in tick paralysis cases.

The Cairns paralysis tick season is approaching.  Be prepared and start searching your pet for paralysis ticks daily and use a preventative.

How to prevent tick paralysis in your pet during Cairns paralysis tick season

  • Search Your pet daily for tick: essential if your pet is in tick environment
  • Avoid tick habitat: long grass, scrub and areas frequented by wildlife
  • Prevent wildlife like bandicoots entering your pet's environment
  • Use a spot-on insecticide like Advantix for dogs or Frontline for cats every 2 weeks during paralysis tick season
  • If you find a tick, kill and remove it from your pet.
  • If your pet is showing any symptoms of tick paralysis take them straight to the vet: early treatment is lifesaving

For more information about Paralysis ticks check out wikipedia.

Dallas McMillan

Cairns Veterinary Clinic



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