Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cairns Vet offers discount microchipping through April

Cairns Vet Clinic, Aeroglen Vet Surgery and Gordonvale Vet Surgery are offering discount microchipping with either vaccination or desexing throughout April. Microchipping is really important to protect your pet against loss: this has been highlighted during the recent Queensland Floods where hundreds of pets were lost.

Cairns Vet: "Tag and chip your pet to help them find their way home."

Cairns Vet Clinic also recommends having a collar as well as a microchip.

As a consolation to people who don't need their pet vaccinated or desexed this month but still want to microchip them, we are giving away free ID charms with microchipping (instead of the disount). Check these out at Cairns Vet Clinic website promo page.

Or a free bling pet charm to everyone who is microchipping their pet at Cairns Vet!

Cairns dog micochippingCairns vet microchipping promoCairns Cat microchipping

Save over 40% on microchipping OR get a free charm with this special offer at Cairns Vet Clinic and branches throughout April.

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