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Cairns dog grooming

Dog grooming at Cairns Vet Clinic

Cairns Vet Clinic are the experts in grooming dogs for the Cairns

climate. Many Cairns pets suffer from skin disease, heat rash,

scurfy skin and matted or rough coats. Most of these problems can be

greatly improved by regular grooming and parasite control. Our

tropical climate means that any skin disease, minor injuries,

irritation or parasites can rapidly lead to complications like hot

spots and yeasty smelly skin.

The first step in assesing these skin problems is getting long hair

off, especially if the coat is thick, matted or there is any dandruff

or scurf in the coat.

Cairns Dog Grooming procedure

When you bring your dog to be groomed by Cairns Vet Clinic you will

meet with a vet nurse who will go through the grooming plan with you:

we customise the clip to suit you and your pets needs.

Many people opt for a short coat all over except for the head, feet and

tail. We can clip the coat very short (even down to the skin....

sometimes this is important if your dog has skin disease) or up to a

cm long.

Please note re: Cairns Dog grooming with long or matted coats:

though that if the coat is dirty, matted, very fine or dense then it

will need to be clipped shorter than normal as the clipper blades

won't go through the coat higher up, they will jam, leading to an

uneven clip which takes a long time (and thus costs more).

Dogs coats grow back very fast, so its better to cut short and have a

funny looking pooch for a week than try to do it too long and have an

uneven clip which needs to be repeated.

One of the great benefits of having your dog groomed by a vet clinic

is that the vet can check any skin problems and contact you if they

need further investigation. Ear problems are also commonly discovered

during routine grooming, and are a common problem in Cairns Dogs.

Phone Cairns Vet Clinic for Cairns Dog Grooming on 40329999

Read more about Cairns Dog Grooming at Cairns Vet Clinic.

Dallas McMillan

Cairns Veterinary Clinic

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