Monday, April 18, 2011

Cairns Cat Grooming

Cairns Cat Grooming: Cairns Cats often need grooming to keep them cool, clean and comfortable in our harsh tropical climate.  We recommend clipping long haired cats 3-5 times a year to keep their coat managable and easy to manage.

Cairns Cat Grooming benefits

The benefits of keeping your Cat Clipped in Cairns are:
Short coat means less shedding
less hair ingestion by the cat
Less digestive problems like hairballs or diarrhoea
Less skin disease
Any skin problems or fleas are easy for you to see
Scurf, dandruff and loose hair are not allowed to accumulate

For more information on Cairns Cat Grooming visit Cairns Vet Clinic, Pet Grooming

Dallas McMillan


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  1. Cat grooming is a necessary practice for pet owners who have cats. Cats have all sizes of coats with some having long hair and others having short hairs.

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