Thursday, April 28, 2011

Taking your pet on holidays (to Cairns!)

Cairns Vet Clinic sees lots of clients travelling with their pets.  Travelling with your pet can be very rewarding but takes planning and organisation to make sure it goes well.
There are an increasing number of pet friendly hotels and caravan parks.
Some of the things to consider when travelling with your pet:

Cairns Vet Clinic pet travel tips

  • Make sure your pet is microchipped and tagged.  If you lose your pet at home, a neighbor might return it: no such luck when you are travelling.
  • Make sure your pet is up to date with preventative care: you don't want your dog getting sick while you are away: have your vet check them including their teeth, skin, ears, eyes and heart before you go
  • Keep your pet's vaccines up to date: you never know when you may need to board your pet unexpectedly, especially if you can't find pet-friendly accommodation
  • Use effective parasite control: don't share your holiday with unwanted travelers like fleas and worms!
  • Check if there are special parasite control measures for the area you visit: eg Hydatids is a problem in Southern parts of Australia, Tick Paralysis on the Eastern coast
  • Be aware of local seasonal issues (eg Tick paralysis season in Cairns is from June to December: very different to other southern QLD and NSW)
  • Talk to locals about good and safe places to exercise your pet, and any local hazards
  • Be responsible: don't let your pet wander around: they may cause mischief, be lost or injured
  • Plan your itinerary with your pet in mind: accommodation can sometimes be difficult to find unless you book ahead
  • If your pet freaks out in the car, consider sedating them (or not taking them)
  • Sedation is not recommended for pet plane travel as it may increase the risk of death during transit.  It may be needed for animals which truly panic while travelling if they are otherwise fit and well.  Talk to your vet.
Dallas McMillan

Check out this great podcast from ABC radio addressing some of the common issues facing pet owners when they take their pets on holidays.

Taking your pet on holidays

21 April 2011 , 4:54 PM by Jessica Hinchliffe

Pets can become a much-loved family member and leaving them at home while you're on holidays can be a stressful experience for both you and the animal.

A solution to leaving behind a loved pet is to a plan a pet-friendly trip.

Dr Tony Thelander, QLD Division President of the Australian Veterinary Association has tips on taking your beloved pet with you.

Hear the podcast at:

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