Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Aeroglen Vet surgey thrilled about road closure news.

Aeroglen Vet Surgery heard some great news today about the proposed Whitfield St Closure.  Whitfield St is the short St opposite the General Aviation Airport turnoff.  Whitifield St is a very short but quite busy St.  Many of its users live in Aeroglen and work at the airport.  Around 40% of Aeroglen Vet Surgery Clients use this turnoff as they come from the northern suburbs like Machan's beach , Holloway's beach and Yorkey's knob.  Closing this street would have cost our business around $100,000 per annum and likely forced us to close.  Closing this street would have caused huge inconvenience to residents and businesses in Aeroglen, but also required upgrading alternative routes (which flood in the wet season).  The aim of the closure was to reduce congestion on the highway driving South. There is congestion in the area, but most of it is around the Airport turnoff and the pedestrian crossing outside Mother of Good Council School.  Closing Whitifield Street wouldn't impact the bulk of traffic congestion in this area at all.
We are celebrating this as a victory for common sense and hope the idea isn't resurrected again.

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