Thursday, November 11, 2010

Queensland dangerous dog shocker!

Cairns pet owners probably know that sometimes small dogs can be just as aggressive and likely to bite as big dogs.  Still, its a shock to read that chihuahuas and pomeranians have topped the list of Queensland's most dangerous dogsCairns Vets won't be so surprised: we meet plenty of aggressive little dogs. 
Unfortunately, the owners of aggressive small dogs often don't take it too seriously, perhaps because they perceive the dog is too small to do serious damage.
Part of the problem can be that little dogs don't get treated like dogs: they are often carried rather than taught to walk on a lead, they may never go to obedience training, and owners may not seek advice from an animal behaviorist in spite of the aggression.
A lot of aggression can be prevented or reduced by correct socialisation and dog training, such as offered through our puppy preschool program.  For dogs with existing problems, behavioral consultations can be helpful in teaching new behaviors.
Cairns Vet Clinic runs puppy preschool for your dog and has a resident animal behaviorist for animals with problem behavior.  Please contact us with any enquiries.

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