Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Animal Welfare Cairns

Cairns Vet Clinic works closely with animal welfare organisations in Cairns.  One of these charities, Animal Welfare Cairns offers financial assistance with urgent veterinary care, desexing and also has an animal ambulance which can assist getting your pet to the vet if you are invalid or cannot drive.

Sadly, their thrift store on Draper St was recently targetted by thieves. 
Animal Welfare can be contacted on (07) 4051 4862.  Their shop is at 354 Draper Street, Parramatta Park.

Friday, August 13, 2010

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Upset: President of Animal Welfare Fay Mitchell and other charity volunteers disappointed after thieves broke into the Draper Street office and stole over $1000 from the volunteer organisation Picture: MARC McCORMACK.


THIEVES have broken in to a Cairns charity store and stolen $1000 in takings. It took 20 volunteers at the shop two days to raise the cash.

The burglars struck on Tuesday night, prising a window open before ripping the front off steel drawers where the money was locked.

"It’s just a bit of a shock to the system," Animal Welfare Cairns president Fay Mitchell said.

"Everyone here is a volunteer. They don’t get paid for anything.

"We’re not going to go bankrupt over it. But it’s a fair bit of money.

"It’s more the fact that we’ve all worked for two days for nothing. It’s two days wasted for some low-life to come and take it."

She added she was appalled that anyone would target a local charity.

The charity, on Draper St, supports people who cannot afford veterinary bills. It recently helped the owner of a cat which needed a $1500 operation to put a steel plate in its leg.

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