Monday, November 22, 2010

Cairns pet travel tips

Cairns Pets are a mobile lot!  Many Cairns residents have family in other cities, and some choose to take their pets with them when they visit.  Cairns Vet Clinic often gets enquiries from pet owners about sedating pets for flights or long drives.  Sedation for air travel is not recommended but is OK for driving.  What is often better though, is to train your pet to tolerate, even enjoy being in the box or crate they will travel in.

Teach Your Dog to Enjoy Being in a Crate

by Irith Bloom, Owner, The Sophisticated Dog

  It's a good idea to teach your dog to enjoy being in a crate in case he has to be in one for an extended period of time. For example, emergency shelters used after natural disasters generally require that animals be crated, and veterinary offices may crate your dog between procedures. To ensure your dog is prepared for such situations, teach him now that the crate is a happy place.

Here are some quick tips for crate training: Allow your dog free access to the crate during the day and put the crate in your bedroom at night. Feed your dog her meals in the crate. Give your dog treats, praise and attention when she is in the crate. Most importantly, never force your dog into the crate or yell at her while she is in there.

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