Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Animal Welfare organisations alway looking for support

Cairns Vet Clinic works closely with a number of charities in the Cairns region to improve the welfare of pets and other animals
Cairns RSPCA and YAPS (Young animal protection Society) does great work rehoming pets of all ages.  They also offer boarding to private clients. 
Animal Welfare Cairns offers discounted desexing vouchers to Cairns Pet owners, and occasionally assists people needing urgent veterinary care.  They fund their activities through donations and sales from their thrift store on Draper St.
Cairns Vets perform $10,000s of discounted work for these charities: this means you can buy a desexed, vaccinated and wormed pet for much less than you would pay just for these services yourself: the pet is basically free!  (eg. Cairns Vet Clinic does all the RSPCA desexing and veterinary care.
We do this to assist these charities in the great work they do and ensure rehomed pets aren't contributing to the problem of animal overpopulation.
You can help support these charities in the work they do by selecting them as your local charity when you shop at IGA, by making donations, and by assisting them in their shops and shelters.  This can be a great way to spend more time with animals if you are interested in working in the veterinary industry or just want to help out.

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