Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cairns Vets Warn about giving pets human treats

Cairns Vet Clinic vets and vet nurses pay close attention to your pet's waistline and changes in their weight from visit to visit.  Cairns Pets are often overweight, and the most common causes are lack of exercise and feeding innapropriate food to dogs.  Most dogs are much smaller than people, so what might seem like a small snack like a biscuit or sausage might be a mountain of calories for your little pooch.  Is your pet overweight?  There is an way to tell if your pet is overweight, and you can do yourself at home.  If you aren't sure, come and see us about a Pet weight loss program for your pet.
This great Treat Translator from Hill's Pet Nutrition Pet Fit program is a useful guide - and warning about feeding pet's treats.
For healthy treats for your pet, ask the vet who cares for your pet for advice, or make your own dog treats.
Even a Little Snack can be a Big Problem

Do not feed table scraps to your pet — especially when your pet is trying to lose weight. Take a look at these unhealthy snacks and what it would mean in human terms.

Treat Translator Chart

Treat Translator

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