Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cairns Pet Cremations

Losing a pet can be devastating, and many pet owners are totally unprepared for the important decisions regarding pet's remains.  Cairns Vet Clinic can can assist by arranging pet cremation or pet funeral for you, or even store their remains while you organise home burial or make a decision. 

Possum Ridge Pet Cremation

Possum Ridge Pet Cremations offer a personal and dignified cremation service for your beloved pet.  They understand that the loss of such unconditional love can be devastating and overwhelming, in a similar way to the loss of any other family member.

Possum Ridge pet cremations can help you provide your pet the same love and respect in death as you gave them throughout their lives, offering a specifically designed pet crematorium and memorial gardens.

Many of our clients find choosing Possum Ridge Pet Cremations to care for their pet at this difficult time eases their minds and make this sad time a little easier.

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