Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cheap Vet Fees

Cairns Vet Clinic aims to give your pet the best vet care.  The vast majority of Cairns Pet owners appreciate the great service they get from Cairns Vets, and realise that Vets and vet nurses earn much less than comparable professions.  Its interesting though that we get many calls from clients price shopping for important procedures like desexing
The reason this is surprising is that desexing is a highly skilled procedure which incorporates a high level of medical care including anaesthesic monitoring by a vet nurse, safety equipment and pain relief. 
The big concerns with surgery are patient safety, surgical proficiency, post-operative pain and complications. 
Yet many clients focus on price.  Learn to ask the right questions of your vet, choose a good vet and get the best vet care, and best value vet care, rather than the cheapest vet care!

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