Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cairns Pets: prepare now for cyclone season


Cairns Pet owners should get themselves and their prepared for the impending cyclone season.  This season is predicted to be much worse than normal, with up to 7 cyclones expected between now and May 2011.

Pets are often overlooked in natural disasters: Cairns Vet Clinic will review the issues and resources relevant to Cairns Pets during cyclone season.

Among the most important steps are ensuring your pet is microchipped, vaccinated, identified with a collar, confined, and you have adequate supplies of food and medication your pet will need if services are difficult to access for several days due to a severe cyclone.

Dallas McMillan
Cairns Vet Clinic 
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• Prepare a disaster plan and kit for each pet

• For each pet, get a carrier that is large enough for your pet to stand and turn around in

• Be sure your pet has current vaccinations

• In your home disaster plan, record contact phone numbers and addresses of your vet, local animal welfare agencies and Council Animal Control office

• Be sure your pet has a current registration tag and a second method of identification, such as a tattoo or implanted microchip

• Keep a current photograph of your pet in case your pet is lost

• If you stay at home, prepare an easily cleaned room or bathroom or laundry for your pet, preferably with small or no windows

• Keep a good supply of newspapers for your pet's sanitary needs

• For each pet, have two weeks supply of medication, food and water

• Keep a leash handy at all times

• If you will be evacuating your pet, consider safe relocation options. Pet are not allowed in evacuation centres, so investigate temporary animal shelters or safe refuge with family or friends

After the threat has passed

• Keep pets inside after a cyclone. If you take your pets outside, keep your dog on a lead and your cat in a carrier

• Check with relevant authorities regarding missing animals

• Take care when releasing animals, their environment may have been severely damaged and the animals may be very disoriented, frightened or aggressive

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