Friday, November 26, 2010

Cairns dog advice: don't rush get a pug

Dogs in Cairns need to be able to cope with the heat, and skin problems can be a major issue. Cairns Vets are often asked advice on the best pets for our tropical climate.  A recent survey indicates pugs are the must-have dog this year.  Pugs have a lot of appealing features (especially to people who might not otherwise be attracted to dogs): they have large forward facing eyes, little wrinkly monkey faces and dependant personalities.
Unfortunately, the things that make them so distincitive and appealing cause big problems for the dogs themselves: difficulties breathing (often requiring nose and throat surgery), wrinkled skin (often causing skin and eye problems, sometimes requiring surgery) and pretty poor immune systems (meaning lots of allergies in many pugs).
In Cairns, these dogs really struggle: they just don't cope with the heat, and have a hard time keeping cool and often have skin problems.
Obviously, some pugs do just fine and they can be lovely little dogs, but if you get one you need to work harder then normal to keep it cool and clean and you can expect to make regular visits to the vet.  Regardless, pugs are often a bit smelly with itchy dandruffy skin.  Not much fun for them or their owners.

Pugs are hottest dogs in Australia

THEY have a face that only a mother could love.

But peculiar-looking pugs are now the hottest dogs in Australia.

And it seems that mums like Ipswich’s Lisa Downey are the reason why.

Dog experts say more and more women are splashing out on a pug to mother as their own children reach adulthood.

Mrs Downey adopted Ella from Pug Rescue at Redbank Plains 12 months ago.

“Within two days we had fallen completely in love with her,” Mrs Downey said.

“You can do anything to her. We paint her nails and dress her up. She would be perfect for little kids.

“My daughters love her too. If anything happened to her I’d be devastated. She’s part of the family. At night she watches television with us and can’t be anywhere but our lap.

“She loves going for a drive. We are going to buy her some ‘doggles’ – dog sunglasses.”

The pug leapt to number seven on the Top 10 Dogs in 2010 list, an 11 per cent jump on last year.

Dogs NSW veterinary advisor Dr Peter Higgins said the most popular of the registered dog groups was the toy dogs which include the Cavalier King Charles spaniel, chihuahua and the pug.

“The pug is increasing in popularity. It has a human-like face which looks similar to a baby’s,” Dr Higgins said.

“There is a current trend towards people having children later in life, and so the popularity of the pug and other toy breeds is simply reflective of our changing attitudes.”

Carol-Ann Reddick from Pug Rescue Queensland said people surrendered pugs for a variety of reasons, from the elderly moving into nursing homes to financial reasons.

“It can be a heart-breaking situation because they make wonderful pets, especially for families with children,” she said.

She said the waiting list was about six months.

For inquiries about adopting a pug, visit

TOP dogs of 2010

1. Labrador retriever

2. German shepherd

3. Cavalier King Charles spaniel

4. Staffordshire bull terrier

5. Golden retriever

6. Border collie

7. Pug

8. Cocker spaniel

9. Jack Russell terrier

10. Poodle (toy)

Source: Dogs NSW


  1. Wow! If pugs are the trend this year, then I am IN! haha! I have a 2-year old pug and oh he is so lovely, adorable and sweet! I chose him since I am living in an apartment. Pugs are the perfect breed for apartment-living lifestyle because of their small size and they do not need that much exercise compared to large dogs.

  2. I totally agree pug are cute and adorable.

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