Monday, December 6, 2010

Best bones for your pet's teeth

Bones are great for pet dental care, but they need to be started early and they must be an appropriate size and hardness for your pet.  Many people worry about feeding chicken bones to pets, but raw chicken bones (especially necks, wings and frames) are among the safer bones for your pet.
Give your pet an appropriately sized bone.
Clearly, small dogs will struggle with large, hard bones, and big dogs will not even chew chicken necks, just swallow them.
Don't feed hard bones like soup bones, knuckle bones, chops, vertebrae or leg bones as they may crack your pet's teeth or get stuck in their intestines!  (Cairns Vet Clinic often treats dogs with cracked teeth, tooth abscesses or intestinal obstructions from these bones).
For small pets like cats and toy dogs, chicken necks or wing tips are best.
For small to medium dogs chicken wings, necks, and brisket bones are suitable
For larger dogs brisket bones and chicken frames are excellent choices.
Bones should be raw and ideally have some meat on them to make them more appetizing.
You can feed bones daily or every few days to help keep your  pet's teeth and gums clean and healthy.


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