Saturday, December 11, 2010

Finding a good Cairns vet

Choosing a vet who is convenient, friendly, well equiped and who your pet is comfortable with is really important: you don't want to wait until an emergency to choose the best vet for your pet.  Visit the vets in your area and choose a clinic which offers caring and quality vet care, which is well located and and who have the best interests of your pet at heart.  All Cairns Vets will be happy for you to visit for a weigh in and to ask about their facilities, services, opening hours and the like.
Read more about choosing a good vet on our website, or read what the Australian Veterinary Association has to say and search for a vet in your area below.

Finding a good vet

It's very important that you find a vet and establish a good ongoing relationship to get the best treatment for your pet. Why not ask your prospective new vet whether they're a member of the Australian Veterinary Association?

There are some great benefits to using a vet that is a member of the AVA. This is because AVA members commit to a Professional Code of Conduct which means high ethical standards for people and their pets. Members also take advantage of continuing education programs to keep up on the latest techniques and research, which is important for your pet’s health and treatment.

The AVA offers a community for vets to network and to share ideas, to find out who is offering breakthrough treatments or alternative options, and vets can use this information to better treat pets. Check out our Find-a-vet service for an AVA member near you.

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