Monday, December 13, 2010

Queensland Cat registrations and microchipping

Queensland Cat owners have steadily increased registration and microchipping of the feline friends in line with compulsory microchipping and registration regulations.

Survey shows pet owners are 'feline' fine

It is now mandatory across Queensland for all cats and dogs to be registered with local Councils and all new kittens and puppies to be microchipped.

Since Queensland Councils have been progressively introducing these new laws, which came into force statewide on December 12, pet owners have increasingly been doing the right thing.

Local Government Minister Desley Boyle said a second Queensland Household Survey showed the trend is heading in the right direction.

"We have identified registrations and microchipping are increasing," she said.

"So there is evidence of a growing culture of responsible pet ownership in Queensland which is a good sign."

The survey, conducted in May-June this year, found the number of cats registered with a Council had almost doubled from 26% in 2008 to 45% in 2010.

Microchipping increased from 34% in November 2008 to 47% of households in May-June, again a trend in the right direction.

The survey by the Office of Economic and Statistical Research was conducted over the phone with more than 3,600 Queenslanders.

Ms Boyle said she expected Queensland pet owners to continue improving rates of cat registration and microchipping.

"We are not at 100% yet - that is the eventual goal. I commend Councils and Queenslanders on their efforts to date and I encourage them to keep pets safe and reduce the appalling number of animals put down each year in Queensland," she said.

"With more than 20,000 cats and dogs euthanised each year, everyone has a role to play in selling the responsible pet ownership message."

As well as the Household Survey, the Government has funded four pilot studies trialing education and desexing initiatives in Moreton Bay, Logan, Gold Coast and Townsville. All of these results will inform a review of the legislation next year.

Snapshot of survey results below. The full survey can be accessed at  

•Cat identification has increased from 26% in 2008 to 45% in 2010
•Cat microchipping has increased from 34% in 2008, to 47% in 2010
•Dog registration increased from 82% in 2008, to 86% in 2010-12-03
•Dog microhipping increased from 44% in 2008 to 57% in 2010
•Dog ownership is almost double cat ownership - 41% (dogs) compared with 21% (cats);
•Local government areas taking part in pilot programs recorded higher levels of dog registrations compared with the rest of Queensland - 93% compared with 82%;
•Pilot areas also showed more people microchipping their dogs- 65% compared with 53% in the rest of Queensland.
•People living on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast are least likely to own cats (19%), while households in Wide Bay Burnett and Western regions are most likely to be cat owners (29%).
•Households in Western Queensland more likely to have a dog (63%), followed by households in Fitzroy and West Moreton (both at 54%).
•Households in the Gold Coast are least likely to have a dog (32%), with the Sunshine Coast close behind (33%) and Brisbane (39)%.

Minister for Local Government and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships
The Honourable Desley Boyle
Survey shows pet owners are 'feline' fine


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