Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cairns Cats need microchipping and registration

Cairns Cats will now need to be registered, collared and tagged or face fines of $200 under new laws passed yesterday.  Registration will initially be free for desexed cats: another reason to get your cat desexed.Call Cairns Vet Clinic to book your cat in for desexing and microchipping today.

$200 fines under Cairns cat rego laws

Roger Dickson

Thursday, December 16, 2010

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CAIRNS cat owners will receive a $200 fine if they fail to register their pets.

Under new laws passed by Cairns Regional Council yesterday, owners of cats that have not been desexed will have to pay $35-a-year registration.

Desexed cat registration will be free until mid-year, but pets must still be registered with a veterinarians notice verifying they have been desexed.

All cats, whole or desexed, must technically be registered by Monday but owners will be given until early March to comply or face the hefty fine. The $200 fine is based on State Government guidelines.

The council will consider what fee for de-sexed cats will apply in upcoming Budget discussions but it is understood a sliding fee similar for de-sexed dogs will apply. Both cats and dogs under 12 weeks old, cats and dogs to be sold or given away, and already adult dogs deemed dangerous must also be micro-chipped.

Cats will be required to wear a collar with a tag similar to those already worn by registered dogs.

The RSPCA, which has put down 385 cats and kittens this year, applauded the council’s move which brings it into line with many other local governments in Queensland.

"I think it’s fantastic," Stratford shelter boss Yoni Rankin said.

"I know it has worked very successfully in getting owners to get their cats desexed in other councils."

Brinsmead veterinary surgeon Max Fargher said microchipping would greatly improve the chances of lost or stolen cats being reunited with their owners.

"From my perspective this will also help reduce the stray and euthanasia problem," he said.

However, Dr Fargher was against the legislated use of tags, saying cats were renowned for their intolerance of collars.

Caring: RSPCA Stratford shelter manager Yoni Rankin, with kitten Smokey, is in favour of cat registration programs. Picture: TOM LEE


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