Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Queensland Pet wins weight loss competition

Cairns Pets are really feeling the heat this year, all the more so if they are overweight.  Cairns Vet Clinic offers a pet weight loss program called PetFit, which is supported by Hill's Pet Nutrition.  Every year PetFit rewards the dog who has lost the most weight:  Read below for more details.

Queensland Dog Wins National PetFit® Slimmer of the Year Competition

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  • Almost 50 percent of pets in Australia are overweight; a higher percentage than the USA.1
  • Over 41 percent of dogs2 and over 32 percent of cats3 are estimated to be clinically overweight or obese.
  • Less than 50 percent of Australian pet owners are aware of what their pet actually weighs or what it should weigh.4

Hill's Pet Nutrition and Australia's all time Biggest Loser, Bob Herdsman, today announced the 2010 PetFit Slimmer of the Year. Queensland resident, Kirra the cattle dog, has won her battle with excess fat by shedding 10.4kgs, almost a third of her body weight, to take out the title.

The eight year old red cattle dog and her owners, the Lowth family, have beaten cats and dogs Australia wide, who were all seeking to lose the kilos, to reach a healthy weight and win the coveted PetFit Slimmer of 2010 title. "Over the years Kirra started to put on weight. It was a combination of our busy lives, not taking her for a walk everyday and over feeding her that led to her weight problem. She got up to 33kg,her eyes were bloodshot and it was hard for her to stand up and sit down," said Kirra's owner Melina Lowth.

"On our yearly visit to Ormeau Veterinary Surgery for her vaccinations, Lisa Larman, the pet nutritionist, gave us advice on how to manage her weight. It was then that we started on the Hill's PetFit program. We wanted to get our happy Kirra back. We started taking her on walks everyday and monitoring how much food we gave her. The whole family was involved and understood that she could no longer get the extra treats that she started to expect. As the weeks and months went by we started to see the weight fall away. She has lost 31.52% of her body weight and is now down to 22.6kg and we are just thrilled," concluded Mrs Lowth.

Obesity can lead to serious health conditions for cats and dogs including heart disease, arthritis and diabetes, making it one of the biggest health issues facing pets in Australia. The Hill's PetFit Slimmer of the Year competition, now in its 12th year, helps our four legged friends to lose weight through the easy to follow, veterinarian-supported Hill's PetFit program.

Nutritional Advisor, Lisa Larman of Ormeau Veterinary Surgery, has been helping Kirra and her family on their weight loss journey. "I am so excited that Ormeau Veterinary Surgery has helped another pet and family to take out the title. This is our third Slimmer champion in a row, and testament to just how important good nutrition advice and support is for our pet owners."

"Kirra is a very worthy winner. The Lowth family, Melina, David and their two young daughters, have tirelessly followed the PetFit program, putting Kirra on a strict diet and exercise regime, and it's been a real family affair with Kirra's two young owners coming to the weigh-ins every two weeks," said Ms Larman.

Bob Herdsman, who lost over half his body weight on The Biggest Loser and remains the Biggest Loser of all time said that exercising with your pet is a great way for both pets and their owners to get fit and lose weight. "I had to work hard and learn the importance of exercise and healthy eating when I was on the Biggest Loser. We need to take the same approach with our much loved pets. The Lowth family's success should be an inspiration to all pet owners. This achievement may encourage others to enroll in the Hill's PetFit Program in 2011," said Mr Herdsman.

Kirra will receive a $2,000 Flight Centre travel voucher for her owner, plus a year's supply of Hill's Pet Nutrition pet food for herself.

As Kirra and the Lowth family celebrate Kirra's weight loss victory, Hill's Pet Nutrition is encouraging pet owners to add an extra New Year's Resolution to their 2011 list and help their dogs and cats shed the kilos to be fit and healthy in 2011.

Hill's Pet Nutrition is delighted that the PetFit Slimmer of the Year Competition had its highest enrolment yet in 2010 and continues to support and inspire pet owners to help their pets lose excess weight by discussing strategies, setting targets with their local vet and undertaking regular pet weigh-ins and weight assessments.

As the Christmas season approaches all pet owners are encouraged to feed their pets in moderation so that they can enjoy a healthy and happy holiday season.

For more information visit petfit.hillspet.com.au

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