Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cairns dog paddle-boards

Cairns dog "Tully" loves to go for a surg with her owner Ash, and livens up local beaches with their paddle-board rides.

Beaches doggie paddle is all above board 

Just walking the dog: Ash Bul and his kelpie-cross Tully enjoy a paddle and a play on Cairns' beaches. Picture: VERONICA SAGREDO

IF you've seen Ash Bul surfing on his paddle board along Cairns' northern beaches - no, you are not going barking mad.

That is a dog riding shotgun on the front of the board, and she's loving every minute of it.

Mr Bul said Tully, a kelpie-cross, jumped on his 2.7m board one day and has been addicted to catching waves ever since.

Since Mr Bul bought a more canine-friendly stand-up paddle board, Tully goes along for a 4km ride from Yorkeys Knob to Kewarra Beach three days a week.

"Some people walk the dog, I just paddle mine," Mr Bul said.

"She just wanted to be part of the show.

"She's got a lot of character … she draws a lot of attention"

Mr Bul, an Earlville resident, said the Hawaiian-style paddle board was perfect for gliding along Far Northern beaches and was a perfect alternative to surfing.

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