Monday, December 20, 2010

Cairns cats need jingle bells

Save a bird, bell your cat this Xmas.  Most cats need 2 bells to be effective.

Give your cat a bell

VETS are encouraging Ipswich cat lovers to get their moggie into the festive spirit this Christmas with a new set of jingle bells to help save Australian wildlife.

Australian Veterinary Association's Dr Anne Fowler said every year thousands of wildlife species were destroyed by wandering pet cats that were simply responding to their natural hunting instinct.

“It is estimated that domestic cats kill around 75 million native Australian animals a year – that is around three wild animals for every man, woman and child in Australia – every year,” Dr Fowler said.

“Something as simple as a new collar with one or two bells can help to give native wildlife a fighting chance, and Christmas is a great time to give your cat the gift of a smart new collar and bells. After all, our family pets love to get into the Christmas spirit too.”

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