Friday, December 3, 2010

Cairns dog attacked by python

Cairns Pets can be at risk from sake attacks, especially if you live near the bush.  Surprisingly, Cairns Vets rarely treat snakebite: most snakes in residential areas of Cairns are non-venomous pythons: they can still kill a pet by constriction however!


Pet chihuahua pulled from python's jaws

    A three-metre python that swallowed a family's pet dog in Cairns has almost claimed another canine victim, attempting to consume a chihuahua.

    In a stroke of good luck for the tiny dog, the dog's owner was able to drag the animal out of the snake's mouth, News Limited reports.

    The same snake had already stalked and eaten a nine-month-old Jack Russell terrier as it played in its backyard.

    "I had come home and let Dot out as usual (into the backyard) to do her business," the Jack Russell's owner told News Limited.

    "I went out an hour and a half later and came across this massive big amethystine python, with a big lump in it."

    The woman had become so distressed she moved out of her home after the incident.

    The incident comes after reports of a scrub python feeding on a 35kg pet goat in the nearby town of Kuranda two weeks ago.

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