Wednesday, December 22, 2010

TV Vet gives pet gift advice

"Bondi Vet" star Dr Chris Brown gives some great advice if you are considering giving a pet as an xmas gift, and shares some funny stories.
Cairns Vet Clinic suggests you carefully consider the cost and responsibility of pet ownership before choosing a pet as a gift, but if you do choose a pet consider adopting an abandoned pet from a Shelter such as the RSPCA.
23 Dec, 2010 04:00 AM
STAR of Bondi Vet and former Merewether resident Dr Chris Brown laughs when recalling his veterinarian father Graeme rushing to animal emergencies in the middle of Christmas Day lunches and gift-giving sessions.

‘‘The most bizarre one was when I was about eight and we had just started Christmas lunch,’’ he said. ‘‘Dad got a call that a Pekingese had eaten half a Christmas ham and in the process of vomiting up the ham, one of his eyes had fallen out.

‘‘Not only did we lose Dad, but I lost my appetite for lunch.’’

It’s been a busy year for Dr Brown, filing stories for The 7PM Project, shooting the third series of Bondi Vet to screen next year and continuing to treat animals in his veterinary clinic.

‘‘The highlight was going over to do the story on the oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico,’’ he said. ‘‘I landed with jet lag and was overwhelmed by the human story and animal story and had 48hours to get all of them and fly back to Australia.’’

Dr Brown will appear on The 7PM Project tonight before driving up to Newcastle tomorrow with kelpie Rusty. His cat George likes routine and is likely to stay in his Bondi home.

‘‘We always go for a swim at the beach first thing in the morning, but won’t be carrying on a tradition that we’ve had for the past three years called The Minute Of Truth,’’ he said.

‘‘The idea is that you give the present and nominate one minute of truth to tell the person whether you really like it or not.

‘‘It amused me and my brother, but the concern was that the grudges formed in that minute would carry on for rest of the day and ruin Christmas Day.’’

Dr Brown will not be taking an extended holiday with girlfriend, former Packed To The Rafters actress Zoe Ventoura, until at least the middle of the year.

Dr Brown has some advice for those who are thinking of giving someone an animal as a Christmas present.

‘‘Get them a pet book or a collar and leash, make them part of the process,’’ he said.

‘‘It’s one of the most fun things anyone can do, so don’t surprise them, give them the pleasure of choosing it.’’

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